Suzy Mangion : The Other Side Of The Mountain (Pickled Egg Records)

Starting from a cupboard with a piano and a drumkit in it, Durham City, England, Suzy Mangion began her public music-making as one half of school boy-girl band George, in 1994. George released a number of acclaimed secret pop records on vinyl collector labels Earworm and Bad Jazz in the late 90s, and eventually released their debut album « The Magic Lantern » on Pickled Egg Records in 2003. An EP, « All Good Things », was released in Spain on Lejos Discos, and the 2005 George album, « A Week of Kindness », was jointly released on both labels. « The Other Side of the Mountain » is Suzy’s first solo album, and was recorded between January and July 2006. Musically, it follows on very much from where George left off, hardly surprising, given that Suzy was responsible for writing and performing about 90% of their material. This burrows further into Mangion’s lo-fi world of Appalachian folk, gospel choir reverie and eerie Victorian gothic.


~ par xanakse sur février 24, 2008.

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