Clutchy Hopkins : Walking Sdrawkcab (Ubiquity)

In 1992 some Ubiquity-related people found a box of reel to reel tape recordings in a yard sale. The tapes contained enough material to make at least 10 full albums. After years of research the original owner / music creator turned out to be one Clutchy Hopkins, trickster, folklore guru, and marvelous musician, whose father had been a Motown engineer. Or maybe this is all an intricate charade, and Clutchy Hopkins is actually Shawn Lee and Todd Simon (Connie Price And The Keystones / The Lions), who happen to play on all the tracks. Whatever way you look at it, this is another great (almost all) instrumental session of laid back soulful jazzy, funky grooves.


~ par xanakse sur février 25, 2008.

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