The Felice Brothers : The Felice Brothers (Loose)

Simone, Ian and James Felice are the three eldest boys from a family of seven, born carpenter’s sons in the wilds of the Catskill Mountains. Along with a runaway dice-thrower and chancer called Christmas they moved their Sunday BBQ singalongs onto the streets and subways of NYC. This album follows their UK debut « Tonight At The Arizona » which was released in Spring 2007. The Felice Brothers’ distinct brand of songwriting and the lawless sound they’ve forged has earned them comparisons to Woody Guthrie, The Pogues, The Band and a young Bruce Springsteen. The sound that emerges from their instruments is seeped with an instinctive authenticity that’s rooted in tradition but is also entirely their own.


~ par xanakse sur mars 3, 2008.

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